PreparE for the day of the build

  • The job materials will normally be delivered 1-3 days prior to the installation. The
    materials may be put on the driveway and may sit for a couple days before being installed.
  • Occasionally we roof load the day before the build. Please have your vehicles out of the
    driveway so they aren’t blocked in.
    This type of work is weather permitting. We try to keep to a schedule, but with rain/snow/
    wind, delays can occur. We will communicate with you on changes to the schedule.
  • On the day of the build, our crews will normally be out just after dawn and bring with them a
    dumpster, which is on wheels to protect your driveway.
  • The crew will protect landscaping, decks, etc. where applicable. Please identify with your
    sales rep or installers of any plants/trees etc. that may need to be protected. There is a
    possibility of damage to plants and such during the project. We will take precautions to
    prevent this, but accidents happen.
  • Please move any furniture, grills, solar lights, etc. from around the house that could be
    damaged from shingles being removed.
  • During the tear off and installation, there will be vibrations throughout your house. Please
    take down pictures or other things hanging on walls that could fall and be damaged from
    the vibrations. The vibrations from pounding nails on the roof can also cause nail pops in the
    drywall inside your house. This is normal, and easy to repair. We can guide you on how to
    repair, but the repairs of nail pops inside will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • The crew will tear off the old roof and toss the shingles on tarps on landing spots on the
    ground. Occasionally wind can blow a shingle into a window screen, etc. If damage occurs,
    we will fix the issue. This can happen!
  • Your A/C unit will be covered to help prevent damage. Please turn off A/C unit for 1st 1/2 of
    the day, or until all the tear off is completed. It will be covered to protect it from debris and
    if it cycles on, it can burn out your A/C unit. It is very important that you make sure the A/C
    is turned off…. We understand on a hot day, it can make the home a bit uncomfortable. Once
    the tear off is complete, you can turn back on.
  • The crew will brace their ladders to protect the gutters from scratches and the downspouts
    will be blocked so debris does not go down the downspouts. After the build all gutters will be
    cleaned and all trash will be removed from the yard. You should barely know we were there.
  • If you have a satellite dish on the roof, it will need to be removed to install your new roof. We
    will reinstall the dish, but it will most likely need to be realigned. Liberty is not responsible for
    the realignment. Please contact your satellite provider and have them scheduled to realign so
    you aren’t without service for long.
  • When job is finished, the crew will roll the yard with a magnetic roller to pick up any loose

    nails. Unfortunately, we don’t always get them all. Please inspect the yard for any nails the

    magnets didn’t get, especially if you have pets or kids. You will find nails. You can help by

    cutting grass before the install. The longer the grass, the harder it is to get the nails with the


  • When building in cold weather, it will take a while for the shingles to lay completely flat. You
    are completely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty from the day the roof is completed. If
    the roof isn’t quite flat yet, please allow time for the roof to settle with the warmer weather.
  • The crew may have a limited ability to speak English. 
  • Reach out your Project Manager listed on the the “Prepare for the Day of the Build” document
    if you have any needs that day.


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