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Multi-Family Roofing Columbus

Are you a property owner or manager in need of professional roofing services for your multi-family properties in Columbus, OH? Liberty Restoration is a fully insured, bonded & licensed company that has 15+ years expertise. We have met the needs of many local multi-family building owners and property managers. Whether you need expert new roof installation, leak repair, or a complete re-roof, no job is too big or too small. Call us today at (614) 706-7663 for a free roof estimate. A qualified representative will come out and assess the roof’s condition, from there we can provide an accurate assessment and quote as needed.

Not all roofing contractors are equipped to install or repair multifamily property roofing. The size and scope of such a job requires an experienced roofing company like Liberty Restoration. We know there are special considerations to take into account for multifamily roofing projects, such as:

  • The large scale of such a project: The sheer size and complexity of multifamily roofings can overwhelm smaller contractors. Our expert team knows how to inspect and quote even the largest, most complex buildings, and our installers work quickly and effectively to limit disruption.
  • The need for quality materials: Your multifamily property is there to provide you with income, which means you don’t want to save a few dollars now on cheap materials only to have leaks or require repairs a few years down the road. We only employ top-quality materials that will last for decades.
  • Increased safety concerns: While we take safety seriously on all of our jobs, the number of people coming and going around a multifamily property means extra care is required. Our installers make sure residents coming and going are safe and protected while we work.
  • Noise and disruption: Coordinating with multiple families during a multifamily roofing project can be difficult, which is why we plan our projects to be as fast and undisruptive as possible. We’ll sit with you and discuss the best dates and hours before we start to keep disruption to a minimum.

At Liberty Restoration, we consider our professional service as one of the great advantages we can offer you. As a leading Columbus, Ohio, roofing contractor and one specialized in multifamily roofing projects, we know we can offer you the best solution for your roofing problem.

Multi-Family Roofing Services

Liberty Restoration offers a complete slate of services:

  • Roof inspections
  • Storm damage restoration
  • Roof repair & maintenance
  • Roof installation
  • Complete Re-roofing
  • Emergency tarping services
  • Insurance Assistance
  • And more

If one of your property holdings needs a service listed here or anything else, contact us! We pledge a quick, hassle-free experience.This means you get the service and results we promise, and would consider us for future projects without hesitation. Not only do we do the job right and on time, but we also go a step further and offer you the best service available in Ohio:

  • Every member of our team, from the sales rep you contact first to the professionals installing your multifamily roof, is courteous and friendly and will treat you and your residents with respect
  • We take special care to tarp below where we are working and clean up any old roofing materials, tools and nails that are present after completing our job
  • Our installation teams do their best to disrupt the residents of your multifamily dwelling as little as possible, by parking in agreed-upon areas and installing ladders and equipment in suitable locations
  • We make sure not to damage your property and make every effort to protect your trees, plants, gardens and pathways while we are completing your roofing work

We consider these small pluses as a normal part of our job and treat all multifamily roofing services with the same care and attention as any other project, either residential or commercial.

From start to finish, the Liberty Restoration team exhibited nothing but professionalism. Although they put tarps down, I somehow expected to find nails on my driveway or yard and yet I did not find one. There was absolutely no evidence they were ever at my home. Easy to work with on my insurance copay.

Carmell B. on 11/11/2015

Multi-Family Roofing Issues

For multi-family property owners, an old roof can cause a number of issues. Likewise, a damaged or worn roof can give way to many potential other interior issues, including:

  • Troublesome roof leaks
  • Cool air currents from rooftop
  • Noisy roofing
  • Potential for damaged belongings
  • Tenant complaints
  • And more

A noisy, drafting, or leaky roof is the last thing you or your tenants want! If you suspect damange, call us immediately if you need timely multifamily roofing repairs or a complete re-roofing. Our roofing representatives will handle it in a timely manner, all while posing minimal disruption and staying within budget.

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Professional Roofing Contractors

New View Roofing has extensive background in roofing. Our multi-family services come with many upsides:

  • 15+ years experience
  • Accredited BBB member
  • Works with property owners & managers
  • Knowledge of all laws, codes & HOA guidelines
  • Skilled uinstallers & craftsmen
  • Top quality customer care

When you need a reliable contractor for your apartment, townhouse, or condominium holdings, Liberty Restoration is a name you can trust. Contact us to request a free, professional estimate or inspection!