Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

A leaking roof is a major concern especially after a storm. Small leaks can become big problems, especially if not fixed in a timely manner. Water infiltration into your business will not only further damage your roof, but can also get into your walls and floors and require expensive repairs. At Liberty Restoration of Columbus, Ohio, we have the experience and skills you need to take care of all your roofing problems.

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Our goal is to provide quality, professional, no-hassle service for your commercial roofing project. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a new roof installed, building an addition or require emergency roof repairs after a storm. At Liberty Restoration, we strive not only to exceed your expectations as your commercial roofing contractor in Columbus, Ohio, but also to turn you into a lifelong customer.

We know that if you’re satisfied with us you’ll return in the future when you need additional roofing work, and won’t hesitate to recommend us to your friends and business associates. On the contrary, we know that shoddy work and materials means you won’t call us the next time you are looking for a commercial roofing company and you won’t have positive things to say about us.

To make sure every customer is a satisfied customer, we employ:

  • Friendly, helpful sales staff that understand the requirements of commercial customers such as yourself and offer you the solution best adapted to your project and budget
  • Experienced, trained technicians that work quickly, safely and effectively to complete your commercial roofing job and leave your site like it was
  • High-quality materials that will stand the test of time, chosen for their durability, suitability and attractiveness, to keep your building protected and looking good
  • A no-hassle approach in all aspects of our business, from initial inspection to quotation to dealing with insurance companies, to make working together as pleasant as possible
  • A relaxed, professional attitude that inspires confidence in you, so you’re sure you are making the right choice in roofing contractor in the Columbus, Ohio, area

We aren’t the only commercial roofing contractor around, but we go above and beyond every single day to prove ourselves to our customers. We want you to turn to us the next time you need expert commercial roofing repair.

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Our experts can take care of everything from beginning to end:

    • We start with a free roof inspection, to assess the condition of your roof and determine exactly what needs to be done. Our technicians will look for signs of leaks, rips, tears, interior water damage, or major damage after a storm.
    • Once we know what the problem with your roof is, we put together a comprehensive quote that details all of the work to be done. We want to avoid any surprises, and carefully outline the materials and labor required to get your roof back in proper shape.
    • The next step is performing your roof damage repair. Together, we can find a time that’s most convenient for you, and will do all we can to minimize our intrusion. Our technicians work quickly to get the job done right, and ensure we leave your business and property as clean as we found it.

If you’re in the Columbus area and are in need of roofing repairs, turn to a trusted name like Liberty Restoration. We use only high-quality materials with 30- or 40-year guarantees, and offer five-year guarantees on our workmanship. We know that roof repairs are always an unexpected expense, so we will work with you to provide great value and fast service to minimize your hassle and headaches.

In some cases, a small roof leak can go undetected for a long time, so why not give us a call and let us inspect your commercial roof. Even a small leak or minor damage can lead to larger problems down the road. We can also take care of major damage caused by high winds, sleet, or falling branches or debris.

There’s no convenient time for emergency roof repairs, but in some cases we can discover issues with your building’s roof before it becomes a major problem. During our inspection, we’ll look for things like:

  • Evidence of prior leaks or humidity problems
  • Damaged or missing roofing material
  • Buildup of branches, dirt or debris that could lead to leaks
  • Loose or broken roofing that could present a safety hazard
  • Opportunities to improve the level of your insulation

Our experts know and understand the requirements of commercial roofing and will provide you with a detailed quotation. We want to make sure you’re clear on the repairs we propose so you’re fully satisfied with the work we do. If you have any questions at any stage, we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

Any time you have concerns about your roof, there’s one name to remember in Columbus, Ohio: Liberty Restoration. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help. You’ll see that we’re professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and will treat your business with the personal attention it deserves.

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