Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor

Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor

Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor

You count a lot on the “roof over your head,” but you probably don’t put much thought into it. It’s there, keeping the rain, wind and snow out, every day, for years on end. Over time, though, your roof can get damaged from the elements and may require repairs. Even the best roof will eventually require repairs as your tiles, shingles or slate starts to age and move. A wind, rain or snowstorm can cause significant damage in a very short time. When it’s time to get your roof inspected and repaired, you’ll want to call a respected Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor.

If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, that contractor is us: Liberty Restoration. We have been working for years to build a long list of satisfied customers who trust our experience, quality and knowledge to provide them with high-value, low-hassle roof contractor services. We will work with you to assess the condition of your roof and determine what you need.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know what to look for:

  • Missing or damaged tiles or shingles, which can allow wind and rain to enter your house and cause further damage. Even a few loose or shifted shingles can be enough to cause a big problem in a short time.
  • Sagging portions of your roof, which can hint at more significant damage to the underlying trusses and supports. Previous repairs to your roof that weren’t done properly can also cause problems.
  • Water leaks and humidity in your attic, which may be present even if you don’t see any major exterior damage. Water can get in through small gaps that can only be seen with an expert inspection.
  • Decreased efficiency of your heating and cooling system, which can be a sign that your roof isn’t insulating your home adequately. Just as you lose a lot of heat from your head, your house loses a lot from its roof!

Once we know the exact condition of your roof, we can propose the right solutions. As a respected Columbus Ohio roofing contractor, we have built our reputation on offering great value and quality work for residential roofing projects. Whether you’re in need of quick damage repair, a new roof on an older home, or a roof over an addition or extension to your home, Liberty Restoration has the experience and know-how to take care of it. Our roofing contractors in Columbus, Ohio are second-to-none.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help. We can give you more information on our free inspections and estimates, our quality roofing services, and our materials and workmanship guarantees. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers who have benefited from our Columbus, Ohio roofing company. Our goal is to provide affordable, hassle-free roofing, so let’s get started on your project right away!

Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor

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Very efficient & worked well into the night in 90+ degrees to get job completed by date promised.bseveral of our neighbors in our subdivision used them also. All customers very satisfied.

Colleen R. on 2/9/2016