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Gutters are on homes for one reason: to divert water away from your foundation. As the premier gutter installation and gutter repair company for the Columbus, Ohio region, we love it when gutters do their job well.

However, we’ve seen countless homeowners hold off too long to get malfunctioning gutters repaired or replaced with seamless gutters. Broken or poorly installed gutters fail at diverting water away from your home, causing all sorts of expensive headaches, such as; landscape erosion, mold, or even cracks in foundations.

When to Repair or Replace Your Gutters

Keep an eye out for these five signs of potential problems:

  1. Cracks

As water gets into cracks, it freezes and expands. Small cracks can quickly turn into large fissures, and eventually water will leak through these cracks into your fascia boards and shingles — causing separation and rot.

  1. Rust Flecks and Peeling Paint Gutter

Reddish-orange rust flecks or paints chips around your gutters or on the ground is usually a sign that water has made it through the gutters’ weatherproof paint. This indicates that water is not moving through as it should, and instead it has become permanently trapped in your gutters.

  1. Mold and Water Around Your Foundation

Mold in your basement or around your foundation could mean your gutters are not doing their most important job: moving water away from your foundation. This can be caused by something as simple as a leaf clog or as complicated as a failing gutter system. Left untreated, this un-diverted water can cause alarming mold growth or even cracks your home’s foundation.

  1. Water Marks

On a sunny day, check to see if there are water marks beneath the gutters. This could indicate water isn’t flowing down the path it should, and it could mean soffit or fascia board damage.

  1. Sagging Gutters

If a gutter sags or pulls off from the home, this could indicate that the gutter is clogged or that the wrong gutter system was installed.

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