How Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money

Replacing your windows is a big decision. The significant investment required to replace your windows means you need to consider all of the benefits. At Liberty Restoration, we have seen an increase in the number of customers replacing their windows over the past few years, thanks to the cost and comfort advantages that new windows provide.

To satisfy the demands of our valued customers, we install high-quality windows that guarantee years of reliable service and offer measurable savings in energy costs. When you replace your windows, you gain improved sound insulation, thermal performance and home safety. If it’s time to replace your windows, trust our team at Liberty Restoration to provide quality windows and professional service.

The Problem With Old Windows

As your house gets older, your windows offer less and less insulation. This is due to several factors:

  • Older windows don’t offer the same benefits as modern windows, which are designed for maximum thermal and acoustic performance — especially classic, single-pane windows in heritage homes.
  • Heat, sun and humidity can wear out window seals and calking, around the window frame and walls and between the window frames and the panes themselves.
  • Due to slight settling and shifting, windows in older homes often allow drafts and moisture to enter. As soon as your window seals stop functioning properly, you lose energy efficiency.
  • As multi-pane windows age, their integrated seals can wear out. Eventually, this allows the gas trapped inside to escape, meaning your windows lose a good part of their insulating properties.

There are definite savings to be had when you replace your old windows, and for many of our customers, it’s easy to show that replacement windows are worth the cost.

Savings to Be Had

Apart from the comfort and security benefits offered by installing new windows in your home, there are measurable cost benefits as well:

  • Heating: In colder months, a good portion of your heat loss is through your old windows. Inefficient insulation and faulty sealing allows significant amounts of heat to escape and lets cold air currents enter, raising your heating bills dramatically.
  • Cooling: Your windows also have a dramatic effect on the performance of your summer ventilation and air conditioning. An effective A/C system requires adequate sealing of all windows and doors, and energy costs soar when your windows are not performing properly.
  • Humidity: When your home is closed and you’re running a humidifier or dehumidifier (depending on your air quality), any leaks around the windows will force your equipment to run longer and use more electricity than if your home is sealed off from the outside environment.

If you’ve recently noticed your heating, cooling or electricity bills climb over the past few months or years, it’s important to look closely at the state of your windows. While there’s a cost associated with replacing your windows, that one-time cost is often quickly recovered with savings thanks to reduced energy consumption.

We invite you to contact our team at Liberty Restoration by filling in the contact form below. Our experts will inspect your windows and give you a quotation for replacing your windows. If you’re looking to reduce your energy costs and improve the comfort of your home, let our experts install high-quality windows quickly and professionally and watch the savings add up!