Signs of Leaky Windows

The Problem With Leaky Windows

Your windows are your barriers against the elements, and when they’re new they create a perfect seal to keep out rain, wind and the cold in winter or heat in summer. Over time, even the best-quality windows can start to leak due to several different reasons. It is important to watch for the signs of leaky windows and treat the problem right away, instead of letting water penetrate your home and cause more damage.

At Liberty Restoration, we have the experience to find the root cause of your leaky windows and replace or repair them to help protect your home and keep your family healthy and comfortable. Why not take a moment to inspect your windows to determine if you have any leaks?  In many cases, you can catch a leak when it starts and avoid costly repairs later.

Telltale Signs

There are several obvious signs your windows are leaking and in most cases the cause is easy to determine:

  • Window leaking from top or bottom sill: Water leaking from the top or bottom sill of your windows when it rains usually means the seal between your window frame and your wall has failed. Over time, window seals can dry out and crack. Water can get into tiny cracks and gaps, which means it isn’t always easy to see where your top and bottom sill leaks are coming from.
  • Moisture on the inside of your windows: While this can also be related to too high of a humidity level in your home, leaks around your windows can also cause moisture problems. Problems with the built-in seals between your windows and the frame itself can allow moisture to enter when it rains. When seals start to fail, they can quickly deteriorate and allow significant amounts of moisture and rain to enter.
  • Moisture within your windowpanes: Modern windows come with multiple panes and are factory sealed with gas in between for better thermal and sound insulation. A break in this seal due to damage or wear can allow the gas to escape and in turn allow moisture to enter. When this happens, your windows will no longer provide adequate insulation and can allow mold to grow.

The Dangers of Mold

While having leaky windows that allow rain to enter your home can cause be costly – water damage to your walls, floors and furniture, higher energy costs, etc. – there is an additional risk: mold. Mold growth can affect the health of your family, especially young children, elderly people and those with respiratory illnesses. This is why it is important to have any leaking windows repaired or replaced as soon as you detect a problem.

Multiple Solutions From Your Experts at Liberty Restoration 

Depending on the location, cause and severity of your window leaks, our team can apply the appropriate fix:

  • In some cases we can correct leaky windows by replacing the calking and seal inside and out
  • Some windows require adjustment to the tracks, guides and seals between the windows and frames
  • When your windows are too damaged to repair, we can replace them completely

If you have signs of leaking windows and are in or around the Columbus, Ohio, area, contact our knowledgeable team at Liberty Restoration. We would be pleased to inspect your home and take care of any leaky windows before they become a major headache.